Executive Director

Sunflower County Economic Development District
Job Description
Job Title:  Sunflower County Economic Development District Executive Director
Job Type:  Permanent Full-Time
Location:  Sunflower County, Mississippi
This is a full-time job which requires considerable independent judgment and initiative in combining a broad scope of professional planning and economic development knowledge.  This position requires travel and working evening hours and weekends on an as needed basis.  The Sunflower County Economic Development District is an equal opportunity employer.  Selection for this position will be based solely on merit.
  • Bachelor’s degree with at least 2 years of experience working as a project manager or other position in a successful economic development organization.
  • The executive director will be REQUIRED to be a resident of Sunflower County within 3 months of beginning the position.
  • The Executive Director reports to a board of 10 appointed by the Sunflower County Board of Supervisors.
  • He or she will be a good communicator with exceptional interpersonal skills who keeps local, regional, and state stakeholders informed on his or her efforts using multiple means of communication with a commitment to excellence.
  • He or she will be good with technology and use best marketing practices to promote our properties and community.  He or she must demonstrate strong oral and written skills as well as experience in presenting information.
  • It is crucial that he or she regularly communicate with the community about his or her activities to measure progress and have experience working in a collaborative manner.
  • He or she will be a natural born leader who is a self-starter, detail oriented and reliable business professional.  This position requires high productivity and the ability to problem solve in short time periods.
  • He or she will be competitive.  Our regional recruitment effort, Delta Strong, is bringing us opportunities on a regular basis and our ideal economic development candidate will have a drive to close those deals.
  • He or she must demonstrate the ability to oversee multiple projects simultaneously.
  • He or she must have the ability to provide responsive and professional customer service.
  • He or she must be able to maintain discretion regarding confidential or sensitive information that is part of the economic development process.
Summary of Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Direct and supervise all administrative functions and operations of the Sunflower County Economic Development District.
  • Prepare annual budget and review invoices for submission to the Sunflower Board of Supervisors for approval and payment.
  • Establish, implement, and maintain programs for recruitment of new investments and job creation.
  • Exploration and development of possible industrial sites.
  • Our ideal candidate will be aggressive and intentional in promoting our existing empty industrial buildings.
  • He or she will be a creative deal maker who will use our publicly owned debt free buildings as assets by which to recruit jobs to Sunflower County.
  • Manage publicity and media relations including website, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.
  • Maintain regular local speaking engagements.
  • Organize economic development affairs with county and municipal officials.
  • Explore opportunities for joint endeavors with regional and state economic development allies.
  • Seek incentive and grant opportunities through grants, loans, and tax programs offered by the State of Mississippi, utilities, other agencies/programs, and coordinate efforts with local units of government.
  • Manage responses to county-wide inquires and coordinate retail and restaurant recruitment with municipal efforts.
  • Organize and carry out entrepreneurship assistance and grant programs.
Estimated Time Spent on Areas of Responsibility:
  • 10% - New Business Recruitment
  • 20% - Administrative Duties/Attending Partner Events
  • 30-35% - Existing Industry Efforts
  • 30-35% - Building Workforce Pipeline
References and Background Check:
As part of your application, please include references from the following pools of people:
  • Those who have managed you.
  • Those you have managed.
  • Peers
  • Development Clients
The finalists for the position will be asked to sign an authorization allowing us to conduct background and reference checks.  These may include a credit check, checking criminal records, driving records, education, completion, and call a number of references from prior positions.
Compensation and Benefits:
Salary:  $70,000-$100,000 depending on qualifications
  •   County/State Benefits
How to Apply:
Submit a cover letter, resume, and references as described above by August 29, 2022.  Submit resumes electronically to drussell@indianolaia.com.  Feel free to call David Ruffin (662.588.2812) or Doug Russell (662.207.2082) with any questions.
Contact Information